Monday, April 21, 2008

Amaryllis "Lilies"

After two summers of drought and a lot of disheartened gardening, I searched my yard for a sign of spring...this is what I found. If this was all you saw, you would think my yard is full of beautiful blooming amaryllis. I must confess, the first sentence of this paragraph is true..this is my only sign of spring !
I always think of my mother in law when I see an amaryllis; she loved them, and she called them amaryllis lilies ( just like she always said U-Haul It instead of U-Haul).
My mother in law taught me how to be a mother in law. I felt like she loved me just as her own daughters ( although as a mother myself, I can't imagine that was true !) She left a legacy of happy memories and when I see a Amaryllis Lily I think of her and I smile.

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Mimi said...

I am in tears as I sit reading this. Our Mother, your mother-in-law was a wonderful, loving person who we miss deeply. Thank you for honoring her. God Bless You!!