Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ramblings VI: "Where Does the Day Go ?"

I have so-o-o enjoyed my blogging experiences, but find that while I am constantly generating ideas for the blog...I can't find the time to sit down at the computer and create !!!
I was encouraged to see that I am not alone, as I scanned some of my "favs" it was easy to see that July is vacation month !! I am a retired person, working a part time job. My job only makes demands of me during the school year...so I asked myself ( as my working friends ask me ) what do I do with my time?
With today as the pivotal point, I am looking back a week and forward a week and here is where I've been and where I'm headed:

  • Enjoyed a big girl slumber party with the cousins

  • Spent a few hours each day last week with the author of our summer Bible Study plus enjoyed a talk by Betsey on Thursday night

  • Helped my friend Kerri "fluff" her new house

  • Cooked a real supper four nights

  • Bought groceries

  • Taught my Weight Watcher group

  • Baked teacakes for the Thursday night get together

  • Walked and ran--one hour each day, alone and with my walking buddy Victoria

  • Washed multiple loads of clothes ( which I also hung out and folded)

  • Hurt my knee ( don't know how; but three days of RICE cured me !!)

  • Cleaned my house ( included bathrooms, sheet changes, and floor moppings)

  • Worked toward establishing my early, first thing in the morning ,Bible reading and quiet time

  • Helped my former student and friend Bert, as he is working toward a dietary certification from Auburn

  • Visited with both my sisters in law by phone and Erin "in person" and on the phone

  • Ran to the high school to get information for a student to take to a prospective employer

  • Watered my outside plants

  • Swam with the senior citizens ( that would be Mama and Daddy)

  • Helped Ryan get ready for school, dish him out a snack after school, answer his million questions about family members, Lisa ( his caregiver friend), Buddy ( the dog), church, and Billy Gaither ( his favorite preacher)--then get him ready for bed

  • Had a root canal

  • Enjoyed backed to back episodes of my new ( I think) favorite show The Office...which is where I am headed now

WHEW---no wonder I am behind on the blogging !! But school is about to start and with it comes routine, so I should be posting regularly. That is until life gets in my way again !

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