Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Going Green...Been Green...Saving Green !!!

"Prosper ! Reproduce ! Fill Earth ! Take Charge ! Be responsible..." Genesis 1 The Message

As a teenager and then young adult of the 70's, I have been intrigued with the current trend to "go green." While I have not yet hugged a tree, I can't bring myself to throw away an aluminum can or trash my compost scraps!!
In the early years of my marriage I was very green ( in more ways than one !!) ; I never bought paper napkins or paper towel. I must admit though, I was busy trying to stretch my green, not save the planet.
I've been thinking about the green practices I have. They include:
  • hanging my clothes on the clothesline
  • saving aluminum cans
  • composting my kitchen scraps
  • recycling my used printer ink cartridges
  • drinking water from my faucet
  • rarely using paper plates or plastic cups

I'm open to some new ideas...so pass them on...I especially like the ones that save my green !!!


Major Allen Espy said...

take grocery bags to the supermarket, buy local and think global, keep air in your tires, ask your spouse for a massage, work with the city and citizens to make recycling easier, take creative staycations rather vacations......my two cents


Gray Matters said...

You're off to a great start. I agree with all the tips from Allen. I would also add making sure your detergents contain no phosphates, clean as much as you can with vinegar and baking soda and use recycled toilet paper.