Sunday, October 26, 2008

Champions of Hope, 2008

I don't call myself a runner and I certainly wouldn't refer to myself as a champion, but Saturday found me and about 499 others at the 2008 Champions of Hope 5K Run/Walk "taking steps to stop breast cancer."

My nephew Harris asked me if I was hoping to place, to which I immediately replied NO, I am hoping to finish !! I plodded along at my steady jog over what seemed to me many hills with very few downhills to match !! ( I think the real runners call this gently rolling). I am happy to report that I finished in about 39 minutes and I never had to stop and walk ! I was unable to speak as I ran; but I was breathing ! I attribute my stamina to the playlist on my ipod. I know the people around me would have been surprised to hear what I was hearing....The South's Gonna Do it Again, Amazing Grace-My Chains are Gone, Brick House, Sweet Home Alabama, Rollin' on the River, Precious Lord Take My Hand, and Brown Eyed Girl--all in that order !!

It was a fun morning...I loved being joined by Erin, Victoria, Brock, and I was excited to see some of my Headland High Girls out so early in the morning !!

It is a good cause, one that has touched all of us. It was mine and Erin's honor to run in memory of my mother's sister, Mock and my daddy's sister, Mary. We ran in honor of friends in the midst of the battle including Christine Z. and Kristin S. We ran for others, knowing they would run for us.

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