Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day

My Mama...a child of the depression...a young "working woman" after World War II...a wife and mother for over fifty years.

All the life experiences that molded her have in turn made me.
I thank you Mama that my earliest memory is of coming from church with a "baby" Moses made of a clothes pin and a square of cloth; you raised us up in the faith. I thank you that you freely gave us values and made sure that we knew right from wrong. You made every house we ever lived in a home and set before us a good example of marriage for the long term.

Thank you for being the Girl Scout Cookie Mom, making Barbie clothes, and stitching up untold numbers of Polyester pant suits on demand !!!

Thank you for loving my husband and my children and freely giving of your time to care for them.

Thank you for the example you set even now, as you care for Daddy and take care of yourself. I am proud to see you ride your bike six miles every day and give your time and talents to your church family as well as your immediate family.

Thank you Mama for being you...because it has made me...and the legacy continues.

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