Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Out There !!!

Not too very long ago, I was doing what my daughter Erin refers to as "blog stalking" . You know linking from blog to blog, reading, thinking, getting ideas and such; I came across a post in Gray Matters that talked about her experience with blogging bringing back some of her long surpressed middle school feelings...YES I know exactly what she means.

Now my personal "middle school" feelings have been surpressed for so long that middle school was then known as junior high !!! It's still the same . I am enjoying writing and learning about all of the accouterments ( look this one up, it is a word my Daddy learned from Reader's Digest!!) you can add to your blog...like ads, music, videos, and even a verse of the day WHOA !!!

BUT it is scary to put yourself "out there" and my friends and family are just beginning to find me !!

One part of me wants to be found and read and even "tagged" to answer questions, but one part of me kind of liked being unknown. Now that I know someone might be reading, I wonder what are they thinking ? My sweet friend Pam at Sunday School was so complementary, as have been my sisters in law...and Erin is of course my biggest cheerleader, as she sent my site out on her "mass"email..can I live up to expectations ?

I also know that two former high school English teachers have been to my blog. So I will come clean, my knowledge of English grammer consists of knowing a noun from a verb and when to capitalize and put a period !! My lack of English education can all be blamed on my Dad, a career military man, who moved me everytime we were scheduled to learn English grammar !! When he finally settled us, my junior year in high school, my English teacher, Mrs. Halstead, knew I was too tough to tackle. She looked at me over her glasses and said "Sugar, when we study grammar you just sit over there and read...it will be fine." I was happy, she was happy and as they dangled participles and verb tenses, I just read away in whatever novel suited me !! Not only that, it was fine ! I graduated high school, college, and even earned my master's degree despite my grammar handicap !! All that to say, I am open to correction because much of this is probably wrong !!

So, where was I ? Oh yes...as my friend Kramer on Seinfeld would say " I'm out there..and I'm loving every minute of it !"




kay said...

It is sort of scary to know people are reading, isn't it? There is something liberating about writing whatever you want---until you start feeling responsible for how others might react.

Gray Matters said...

I'm glad you found blogging - I think it's great. It is very easy to forget other people are reading, and I think that might be better. I feel as long as I'm writing about things I know I will stay true to myself and other people might be able to relate with something I have to say. Keep it up!