Friday, May 23, 2008

Five Friday "Praises"

It's Friday and I am praising the Lord !!!

1. My daughter, Erin is happy...I don't just mean smiling..I mean she is "whole body" happy !!!
2.School (even if I am only there part of the day) is sooo close to over for this year!
3. I left my car keys (with house keys) on the tool box of my husband's truck this morning, he drove to work, and YES !! they were still there...right where I left them !
4. I ran into my former student Jacob this morning and he is a good husband, a good daddy, and aspires to achieve more in his work spite of his high school bad habits....he is an overcomer and a success story !! I always knew it was there. I praise God he found "himself" !!
5. And yes again..Erin is happy...she is all-over, whole body happy...Amen


Anonymous said...

Soo you probably never thought that I was reading this, but much like Erin I am a blog stalker haha! Well I was just very inspired by this blog and I am also praising the Lord it is Friday for countless reasons. I love reading your blog and I am thrilled at Erin's happiness. Hope to talk to you all real soon.
Love you.

Erin said...

Mama-you truly seen the unseen! I am so grateful to have you on my journey. As I used to tell you as a little girl, "You're the Best mama I've ever had!!"

sandy said...

Praising God, what a wonderful way to spend the day. I am so impressed with you. You are witnessing to so many in such an amazing way. You go girl!