Friday, May 2, 2008

Rambling's I-- "Mind Flies"

I think that I will be posting several rambling and random thought type posts...hence the title !! I read an article that used the term "mind flies". Mind flies are those buzzing thoughts in your head that need to be dealt with, anything from remembering to buy milk to pondering the meaning of life !

My mind flies lately often concern how to define myself and finding my passion. I think I may be a little old to be answering these questions about me, after all, I have known myself for 53 years, but I find that many women my age have these same questions. Maybe it is because our roles are changing. Maybe it is because the world is changing. Maybe, because life is not static, we are changing.

I believe that my blogging journey will help me to define my interests and help me to determine my passions in life. I am eager to be able to see the pattern of my journal and through it begin to "swat" and even catch some of my mind flies!

1 comment:

kay said...

I don't think I have ever thought about "mind flies", but how descriptive!. They are buzzing around me all the time!