Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday...Tie It Up Thursday !!

AT LAST....I am finished !! I have discarded, organized, and put all my important papers in one place. I set up dividers for each month, with a calendar, weekly to-do list, and pocket for items that need attention that week.

I included sections for info pages, weight and exercise program, addresses, checkbook register, and journal. The InTouch devotional this morning was taken from 2 Chronicals 20:5-12; we are reminded to look at God's faithfulness to us in the past as a reminder that He will be faithful in the future. The challenge is to write down example's of God's goodness to me in my life. My first journal entry: God has put people in my life to encourage me. I am grateful for my friends, family and even strangers who allow God to speak to me through them. This small effort toward organization in my life is giving me back time I have spent looking for things and trying to remember things. My mind is no longer so divided. I can now have some of my "mindflies" put to rest.

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