Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Vintage/Re-Purposed Dance Skirt

Considering the love I have for "vintage" things, I was so excited to find the "Vintage Thingies Thursdays"!!

This past spring, I had the privilege of helping my friend Jim with his TRUNK fiber art show. One of his vendors was an artist from Colorado that creates "new" garments from vintage fabrics....many of those fabrics had former lives as other pieces of clothing !
This is the ultimate in "re-purposing". My favorite piece is the skirt in the picture above this post...this is called a "dance" skirt and it is a great piece for the south Alabama heat and humidity !! The blue, yellow, and green checked section actually has the original darts and yoke inset from the shirt it once was...I love this piece and the idea behind it!

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